All Day Quilting - August

There was lots of fun had yesterday, as quilters worked on their projects....
Heather was making a Twister quilt, in the new medium size
 Erolyn brought her show and tell goodies in this cute bag - unfortunately a store purchased one, so no pattern, but definitely checking out that shop soon!
 I helped Erolyn pin this quilt top - this is her idea of a project to practise machine applique and quilting!  She doesn't do things by halves does she! (camera has dulled colours, sorry)
 Monique has been spending her evenings productively stitching and was ready to sew the
 zillion 1.5" squares around her stitchery blocks.  Love blue and white together!
 Vicki and Sam have both been making a quilt from the same pattern...sorry not sure if this is Sam's or Vicki's! The blocks were foundation pieced and yesterday they were patiently hand appliqueing them down.  Love the fabrics!
 Erolyn was trying out the new tools she brought at a craft fair, she just whipped up this block!
 Monique got sick of tiny squares and started making these cute fruit and vegetable table mats!
 Stacy finished quilting this fun girls quilt...
it wasn't til I looked closely that I realised this was the same Schnibbles pattern we did as a group last year!  Picasso isn't playing nicely, so I will load photos of my efforts later,
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. A very productive day indeed.

  2. Wow all impressive work. Love the quilt by Vicki/Sam. So inspiring to see what other quilters are up to!

  3. So much lovely things to look at - lovely... well done to all of you...

  4. So much eye candy there! What a productive group you belong to!

  5. Gosh! There are some real beauties in there . You're a busy lot arent you?

  6. So many great projects! I love that bag too! I am looking forward to seeing what you got up to. I am sure I would be tripping around having a chat.


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