A riot of scrappy colour

 I thought I had better show you the complete view of my finished Rainbow quilt. 
It is a narrow single bed quilt (14 x 74") but DS1 loves it and its been perfect for snuggling on the couch during the cold mornings. 
Then because I had been away from my machine I was hungry for some simple piecing.  While we were away Bonnie Hunter announced the end of the Spool block leaders and enders challenge...she has quilted and bound her spool quilt already!
 So not wanting to create another UFO (well that's my excuse) I started piecing blocks together.
And kept stitching as the kids were happy to be able to play outside, after nearly a week of being housebound.  You could say I was as "happy as a pig in mud" chaining piecing the day away!
And I kept stitching until I had a flimsy measuring 45 x 48".  I have about 12 blocks left over, nearly all of them are red!  So if I made a few more blocks (I have pieces cut out waiting) I could add an extra row, but it would be a very red row, what do you think? ;)
So now to decide if it needs a border, or can just go into the pile of tops waiting to be quilted?  I will have to assess my stash for potential border fabrics but I am happy to buy something, as this is what I call a "free" quilt, largely made from scraps and some stash reduction to even up the colours.   
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS I have never had a pile of tops (3) waiting to be quilted before, makes me feel like a "real" quilter!

PPS DH's niece said she would love to own this quilt - which was lucky as I made it with her in mind!  However she doesn't want the purple border.  That's OK by me as I didn't have enough fabric anyway, but do you think it looks a little unfinished with just the narrow pink border?  Should I do a final border in the background teal green spots OR leave it as it is and bind it in the pink?  All comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Your spools quilt is great. Personally I don't think it needs a border, and why not use the left-over blocks for a cushion or on the back?

    As for the other one, I think a border from the background fabric and then binding in the pink might look rather good.

  2. Sue, I LOVE the rainbow quilt! What a fantastic way of using up strips! I've made up some blocks in the past, just to try out the technique when I had my quilting L Plates on ;-) but would never have thought of doing this.
    As for the lovely Dresden quilt, I think it looks fine as it is, but QuiltSue's suggestion would look great too.

  3. Lots of great projects Sue! I like that purple fabric you've chosen for the border on your Dresden quilt - ties all the colors together!

  4. So much colour and so many pretty projects in one post. Im overwhelmed with happiness!

    I can see why DS loves the rainbow string quilt so much. Its very pretty and such a colourful quilt.

    Your spool block quilt looks perfect as it is – dont change a thing.

    And the Dresden with difference looks lovely with just the narrow pink border I think.

  5. love your rainbow strips... gorgeus and all those spools... well done.... and and the dresdens.... there is so much loveliness...

  6. Wow I am impressed with all that sewing. It's perfect weather for snuggling under a quilt DS is very sensible. I this both quilts looks great as they are.

  7. I love all the things you sew. The spool quilt looks great as is, and I love all the colours in it! Hmmm....don't fall off your chair but I've decided to delve into the world of patchwork myself. I decided to cut a bunch of 3 inch hexagons from left over fabric to get all I could out of my bits before sending them off to kinder for craft. Does Mother Patchwork offer free advice to old friends? :D Maybe you could have a section on tips for the beginner quilter! My questions so far (I'm sure there will be more as I go) are.....1) do I trim the corners of excess fabric after sewing to reduce bulk? I'm talking about where 3 of my pieces meet up....do I trim or just iron flat? 2) is it best if I try to keep the grain of all pieces going the same way, or doesn't it matter too much? So should all my lined fabrics go the same way or doesn't it matter if I mix it up a bit? That's all so far, but I have only sewn 9 hexagons together. :)

  8. I love that dresden plate, or whatever it is. I've never seen anything quite like it. Did you piece those blocks, or are they old? Perhaps you might consider making a second border using the blue background fabric, if you have enough, maybe 4 to 6" so the pink border floats. That would be my suggestion.

  9. The rainbow quilt is great! Doesn't it make your heart sing when your quilts are loved by your family. I totally understand your joy at piecing your spools together as I have been chain piecing too! Who woulda thunk! Your spools quilt looks wonderful. I am know I am late in commenting but I think your dresdans needs another border but I am sure whatever you decide will be perfect.


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