All Day Sewing - April

Yesterday's session of All Day Sewing by the After Dark Quilters was filled with laughter, interesting conversation, show and tell and plenty of food.  However despite the fact that I dragged the entire contents of my sewing room down to the church hall (so I could pick and choose which project I wanted to work on) I had forgotten to take the CAMERA!  Oops, so sorry :(
So instead you will have to make do with my recent achievements, photographed this morning.
 I recently finished my pink Sister, for my Seven Sisters quilt.  I don't have a pattern, so I am just making seven stars in a colour way and joining them with matching shirting's.
 All laid out this is my progress to date.  I do have some chocolate brown stars that are not in this shot.  The purple sister needs one more star and then sewing together.  The madder reds also have been missing  a star and I haven't joined any of them yet.  The red stars I only started this week.
 A quick trip to Hettie's on Friday netted me one more brown print, for more brown stars.  I also brought the rest of the bolt of a cream print (picture further down) , because this was my third trip to get some more, so I decided to go the "whole hog"!
 Then my friend Heather kindly brought in her entire collection of reproduction fabrics (to All Day Quilting) so I could borrow steal cut some pieces of fabric in the colours I was missing for my Sister stars.  I took some red, madder red, two browns and a purple.  Then I got greedy and begged a couple of strips of blue.  Heather is collecting reproduction fabrics for a special project and I am very jealous of her collection, so I was a bit like a kid in a lolly shop unsupervised!  THANK YOU HEATHER! ;)
So as well as choosing fabric from someone elses stash, I cut lots and lots of strips in blue and the sought after cream print from Hettie's.  Then I stitched and stitched, cut and cut and stitched some more.  Sorry all that work still didn't eventuate into any completed nine patches...not one!
 I did however finish putting this small table topper together.  I ran out of the shirting print with blue circles, but as I couldn't find any at Hettie's or Tricia's I had no idea where I brought it and the general agreement was that adding a different fabric for the corner triangles would be I did! 
 And lastly but not least, I borrowed Heathers 20" square so I could cut all of the 20" backgrounds for my Dresden Plates. 
I managed to sew two plates on before it was time to pack up and go home!  I did mange to squeeze in plenty of talking as well ;)
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. oh my goodness, I am exhausted after your busy day..... it's all gorgeous...

  2. Seven Sisters is looking marvellous!

    I love the Dresden Plate too. The backing fabric is perfect.

    Looks like a VERY productive day!

  3. So glad you found time to talk! I probably would spend more time talking than stitching. Your sisters are looking great. Those blue 9 patches are going to be so gorgeous.


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