Post Easter Catch up

In my pre Easter clean up efforts (my sewing room doubles as the guest bedroom) I finally got around to making the boys their dinosaur cushions.  In an effort to also check how Mr 6yo would cope using my machine, I reduced my machine speed, lowered my office chair and got him to sit in front of me and "drive" the foot pedal, while I "steered" the fabric through with his help. 
Needless to say he was chuffed with his efforts (red cushion) and I think will be keen to do some more sewing in the future.   Mr 4yo just helped me to push (or pull) the fabric, while sitting on my lap.  Lets just say that I was glad we were only sewing four sides of a cushion!  He was equally happy though and offers to help now every time he steps foot in my sewing room...luckily he is still easily distracted with my extra long tape measure...loves counting the numbers!
We had a lovely Easter, hosting my in laws, who drove over from Victoria.  Before they arrived I planted winter veggies and annuals...which are just starting to bloom in the lovely autumn sunshine we have been having.  I harvested a few pumpkins, but I still have some green ones, so wasn't game to harvest them all...butternuts, my favorite for roasting!

 I won one of the Easter raffle baskets from DS1 Primary school, stocked full of chocolate....given I am lactose intolerant I have tried to restrict myself to the dark chocolate!  My Easter egg display (felted eggs on Right) was my dismal effort at Easter decorating.  I need to get my act together...I seem to have an oversupply of Christmas decorations but not Easter.  Mr 4 made the purple card, so cute...using his fingers and palm print :)
Without access to my sewing machine I was very pleased that the paper diamonds I had ordered from Hettie's arrived just before Easter.  I basted and stitched EPP diamonds all over Easter and made individual stars in many colours, so things are progressing nicely.  I finished sewing the blue sister together last night, (sorry no photo).
After the visitors left (and I had worked, caught up on the washing and ignored the cleaning) I managed a few hours stitching Friday and FINALLY finished this bag!  Just in time to take it to a workshop Saturday!
And just in case I forget who I am, I used these too pretty scraps to make a name badge.  This was an experiment in trying to use tiny pieces of fabric, using a method that I had read about.  I am interested in learning how to make miniatures, but clearly I need some help...HELP!  If anyone knows of any good books or a class/teacher in Adelaide I would love you to drop me a line, thank you.  Oh and by the way I used my snazzy magnetic closures that Lisa gifted me, so no nasty stabs from safety pins for me... when I get to wear my badge! :)
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. That bag is gorgeous, how big is it? I noticed a bit of DS being used there too, the blue looks so sweet with the reds. Your gardening efforts look so green too, mine is just a desert I'm afraid.

  2. So much done... it is so sweet that the littlies want to sew too... great cushion!!! and I love your bag.... looks like lots of treasure can fit in there.... will be lovely to have all that butternut.... home grown tastes so much nicer.... I'd like to try more miniatures too... so far my best efforts have been with foundation paper - a lot of time for a small thing ...

  3. Your boys did a great job with their pillows. I love the bag you made. It looks like a great sewing bag. Butternut pumpkins are yummy. My son loves pumpkin soup. I am enjoying the cooler weather we are having. I may have got a backing done today. I hope you haven't fallen off your chair. I shocked myself too that I got it done. I even have batting ready for it. Now to decide on who and how it will get quilted.

  4. I may be a bit behind, but I'm liking the new blog look Sue!! The cushions look fab!! so cute that they want to help/sew too!!

  5. Lovely cushions . They must have turned out so beautifully because you had helpers. Little P wants to help me every time I sew but Im still not brave enough to let him.

    I love your finished bag . Very cute!

  6. Roast pumpkin sounds just yummy, can't wait to see your miniatures.

  7. I am a lover of roast pumpkin. The pub down here at Port Elliot makes the nicest roast pumpkin pizza. Great cushions love the fact they want to help make the most of it they will soon be 21. Cute bag love the photo so bright and sunny the weather has been fantastic.


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