I am back on line...finally!

Yippee after more then a week of being without the Internet, it is SO good to be back online!  Lucky for me DH is way more techno savvy then I am, although he claims he doesn't know how he fixed my PC, he has reconnected me to our modem.  The modem died and we then discovered it didn't have a warranty (it was written on the box - so cannot blame the company) but we did have the receipt.  So off DH goes to Officeworks and YES they not only happily replaced it (it was 9 months old) but they gave us a CREDIT for the difference, as the price had dropped since we brought it!  Yeah for Officeworks I say, definitely my new favorite store....well that's where I will send DH for all our techno needs in the future! 

OK now for some quilty progress.....
 While I have been without the distraction of the Internet I whipped up this kids quilt top for Heart Kids SA.  Its a bit bright and busy, but I was using what I had on hand and thought transport with dinosaurs would be an interesting mix?!  School holidays tends to reduce my fabric shopping how ever I managed to fit in a trip to Hettie's Patch yesterday to buy some more background print that I was using to make more of these blue nine patches. 
I had been cutting up 1.5" strips of blue fabrics from my reproduction stash (hmmm might have added a few lately) and just couldn't stop myself making nine patches.  I have become quite addicted to piecing and when I am a bit lost/overwhelmed by my to do list/or want a easy "non thinking project, I tend to piece .  I have always wanted to make a Nine Patch quilt and I have always wanted to make a Blue and White Quilt - however neither is on my current wish list! 
Still here is the beginnings of the Blue n White Nine Patch quilt, that I will be adding to my WIP list today!
What I should be piecing is the rest of the blocks for this quilt = Modern Quilt by Lyn Uphill.  I took this class two weeks ago and have made a bunch more blocks since, but then stalled.
 These are my fabrics (top centre - bright dots and strips) and all the fabric requirements come out of a jelly roll and matching layer cake, plus yardage for the sashing.  I love my fabrics and really enjoyed the class, but I have decided that I am really a traditional girl at heart with a love for reproductions.  Hence I am easily distracted at present!
Perhaps I could blame the weather/school holidays/lack of internet?  I have made a new pile of leader and ender spool blocks with all my piecing of late, however that project has resulted in me accumulating a collection orphan 1.5" squares.  So I decided to piece some of those into a mug rug for my sewing table!  Combining red and pink is very "out there" for me, but I love the colour combination now.  I also love the satin stitched edging I used, it was quick, easy and left me feeling like I was a little bit "modern"!
And I also spent some quality time in front of the telly sewing the binding down (finally) on my "Winter" Table runner aka the blue and white left overs from my big twister.
I was a bit concerned that I had under quilted it, but decided that I liked it as it was and will see how it washes up...can always add more quilting later!  Yeah right!
So while I have a Spring and Autumn themed table runner on my wish list, I have made a Winter one...but I was using up left overs, so that makes it OK, right? LOL.
Happy quilting Sue SA
PS I am linking up to Shays favorite things Friday...my favorite thing this week is blue/white quilts and Officeworks!


  1. Love the 9 patch! Just so simple and great use of the beautiful fabrics. You've been so busy! Glad you've got your pc sorted out too, and love the modern quilt blocks, hope to see more soon!

  2. Glad to see you’ve rejoined the techno world. Good on Officeworks for coming to the party to make that happen.

    I’m about to start furiously making 9 patches myself. Haven’t decided yet whether to go totally scrappy or two coloured!

    I really love the fabrics in your Modern quilt. Very nice !

  3. some beautiful stitching happening.... those tiny little 9 patches.... I love them.... and your modern quilt is lovely... do finish it up!
    so hard being off line isn't it? but amazing how much gets done???


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