Stitching frenzy - the heat made me do it

Red Cowboy Quilt - binding on....forgot the label, so not quite a finish.
 All 9 of the Dresden Plates, completed.  Now just have to find and purchase some background fabric.  
Completed the outstanding three Scrappy Trips blocks and wasted  spent an hour or so debating layouts.  In the end I just went with it, the layout possibilities were endless. 
I broke a needle on the last Scrappy trips row.  You couldn't do this if you tried...managed to jam the broken needle back into the eye of snapped off point...and you were thinking I had made a miners pick for a mouse?
Then sufficiently crazed in the heat that I decided to count my leaders and enders...only cos I had run out of prepared blocks...which was perfectly timed as I had finished all my piecing.
 Colour coordinating them was optional, but like I said....the heat was getting to me..
I cut another 33 spool pieces ready to piece...they are in the brown basket ready to go....and as you can see the bag of 1.5" strips is nearly empty.  I think I will cut extra strips of specific colours that I am lacking next time, as I don't have a lot of yellow or orange spools. 
194 spool blocks made + 33 cut out = not enough, but guess you can call it the half way mark! The aim is 400 blocks, but will wait and see at which point I get bored/over it.  Please note the fabric (yellow/green basket) is full of left over scraps that I cut into 1.5' squares...cos obviously I am now completely nuts or bored.  Or perhaps both?  Must be catching, DS1 is now rolling over the completed Scrappy trips top...just rolling back and forth....?!!  
Signing off from the quilters nut house, Sue SA.


  1. It all looks very productive at your place. Your spools are gorgeous. I have ground to a halt on mine as I need to cut more and just haven't got around to it yet. Your scrappy trips is fantastic too.

  2. I like all your quilts Sue, but especially the Dresden plate blocks - I'd like to try the striped version myself some day. You've been BUSY!

  3. Laughing at your pick for a mouse. That’s exactly what it looks like!

    You did so well this weekend. I , on the other hand, managed to get in two long nanna naps which really cut into my sewing time.

    I love the finished cowboy quilt. Labels are optional extras so it IS finished. The scrappy trip layout looks should wing all your piecing like that!

    And your spools look fabulous. I WILL not fall completely in love with them because I dont need to be starting anything new.

  4. PHew... you do well in the heat!!!! must rev you up... All stunning projects and you are motivating me to get on with my Scrappy Trip...

  5. Love them all, at least the heat keeps us inside to be productive, good reason not to go outside to work.

  6. I saw the temps you were having and wondered what you do to cope. The answer is to sew! You have so many spools made now. Before long you will be finished and thinking up your next leader and ender project or have you already got one lined up?


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