New month, new project!

I just read Julia's quip "new month, new project" and liked it so much I pinched it! 
 The truth is that I booked this workshop a couple of months ago, but I don't need an excuse, as a Dresden Plate Quilt is on my wish list.  OK its suppose to be a red and white Dresden, but this class uses a jelly roll.  So when Moda get their act together and start making red and white Jelly rolls, then I will be in business...and so will they....haven't they seen the amazing response quilters have to red/white and blue/white quilt combos...think they need to employ me as their marketing consultant...I will work for fabric! 
Could someone please start an online petition and let Moda know what a great idea I had...wonder if I can patent that? 
 Just a bit of free advertising for Moda, so they really appreciate my marketing skills.  I might just add I thought this was going to be a pink and purple jelly roll...the quilt is for a teenager.  This is the first jelly roll I have brought, so while I am not disappointed, I think I will be buying a pink for the background, cos there is a distinctive blue scheme here.

So in class yesterday there was lots of piecing of strips (oh the joy of not having to cut the strips first!) and THEN there was cutting, then more piecing and voila = 1 plate!
Then I got a bit bored today and discovered YouTube...and have been distracting myself with face washer animals...cute bunnies hey?!  The blue one looks like a smurf with Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle eyes!  I didn't have goggle eyes, so just up ended DH hole puncher on his desk and flinched some paper dots...these are going interstate as part of a baby present, so I am not hot gluing/stitching choke hazards on them...I think they look sufficiently like rabbits!  OK I will buy some nice ribbon to hide the rubber bands...just not today, too hot to venture out again.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS Apologies for not replying to comments on Fridays post but I cleverly forgot my new email password (someone has been hacking our computer, or something evil cos there are dodgy charges on the credit card statement) after updating all my passwords :-(   
The worst thing is that DH is now going to be studying the credit card statements very very closely, so I am afraid for the ongoing fiscal health of Adelaide patchwork shops, my apologies to all small business owners in anticipation of their reduced revenue.


  1. WOW! When you go Dresden you go all out. That’s gorgeous!

    And the bunnies are very sweet too. Isnt YouTube awesome for stuff like that. What did we do before we could go online to get instant creative gratification?

    Sorry to hear some sod has been using your credit cards ..that just plain stinks. It stinks too that you’ll have to curtail your retail therapy . Cant you tell DH that you’ll check the credit card bills?

  2. I'm about a month behind here. Very nice Dresden plate I expect it is quilt by now. Bummer about the credit card.


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