A very close call

This is the chair I sit in to sew at night.  Its covered in my flannel quilt so that I no longer loose needles down the side of the seat.
This is the mess that I produce on the small table next to my seat.  The mess that I search through to find a needle and my unpicker.
 This is the needle I found standing upright on the SEAT of chair I sit in.  I have been looking for that needle for three days...I had been sitting on it!!!!!!!
 This is my somewhat tidier collection of hand stitching bits.  As you can see I don't have a pin cushion but have resorted to using the flap of my scissor holder.
 This is the desired result of all my unpicking and stitching...a nearly completed green "sister".
Got to go, off to find a pincushion pattern, I know I have a cute strawberry one in the cupboard...somewhere!  Linking up with Shay at Quilting in My Pyjamas, my favorite thing this Friday is avoiding a trip to the Women's and Children's Hospital and explanation of why I have a needle in my Gluteus Maximus!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. My husband usually finds the needles I loose or one of the kids. He also knows when I am looking for a needle because of the look of terror on my face and the panic searching that happens . Luckily I have been pretty good for a while and haven't lost a needle for a good year.

  2. Love your stitching projects:-) that table in the photo looks a bit like mine! Lol

  3. Know what you mean about the needles....I had to get out of bed once as I lost my needle there!!

  4. A very worthy favourite. Tripe to hospital are no joke!

    About two years ago I sat down at a work related home visit and found a darning needle with my butt...that necessitated quite a bit of force to remove , a trip to the doctor and a tetanus shot.

    Im a slacker ...I actually stick my needles into the arm of my lounge so I know where they are when I need them .....

    PS. The sister is looking fabulous!

  5. Definitely a great favorite this week. The sisters are gorgeous!

  6. Wowser! So glad you didn't have to write a blog post about visiting the hospital to have a needle extracted! Pin cushion now made? Sometimes its dangerous living with a quilter. Normally its our family that finds the sharp items and not us.


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