Quick quilting update

Yikes where did October go?  It is scary how fast Christmas comes this time of year, yet I do love Christmas and already started to think about which decorations are going up and if I can justify buying new ones!  However there is some gift making to happen first and I have a made a little start.

These cute bags are a variation on the humbug bag design and taught to me by Heather Ford, quilt teacher extraordinaire! 
I finally put together the other Bug in a Bottle quilt top that I started for my charity quilt group.  I didn't have any time to put a border on this week, but its on the to do list for next week.

And finally I have had a medical conditioned diagnosed after all these years, alas there is no cure for Quilt Pox!  Lucky my DH has learned to live with it and me!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

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  1. Cute bags! And I'm afraid I've got the same disease - just been to Spotlight to buy some backing, fortunately managed to leave with only what I needed for once. Your WIP list on the side there is looking short, I'm impressed!


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