Adelaide Quilt show shopping trip

Thursday I had a quick shopping trip after my white glove duties.  Friday I was aiming for a BIG shop....ideally I wanted one of these, but there were no dealers at the show.
 There was a stand selling these, but I couldn't make up my cotton picking mind....
so I also looked at these....
But was even more confused about my priorities (cutting mat v cutting machine).
SEW I didn't buy any of them, instead I came home with this. Not bad, just not what I had planned. Although I do need that exact shade of green rick rack for my basket quilt.
These lack of decisions were not helped by the presence of my helper, although I was impressed by his patience.    You can see here he was trying to get my attention about the bargain fat quarters.

And then he entertained himself with taking self portraits, unflattering shots of shoppers tummies n rear views (!) PLUS lots of quilt photos, some of which are actually very good.  Unfortunately the rules dictate no loading photos online without the quilt makers permission...sorry I don't have the personal phone numbers of the entire guild to ring them for their OK!  However some of the eye candy (e.g. the winners) can be found HERE at the SA Quilters Guild website.

This quilt maker is a natural show off though and would like to reward you with one quilt photo.  This mini wall hanging was started months ago and abandoned due to the points being cut off and the wonkiness.  However I decided I needed to finish it yesterday, as Christmas countdown is galloping along and this is after all red n white...despite the wonk.  I think it will be table mat though, so I am less likely to see its wonkiness everyday.....I really need a miniatures class to learn non wonk! 
Finally anyone has any feedback to give me about spending my life savings (OK bit of an overstatement) on a Accu Go cutter I would love to hear from you.  Now that the need for impulse spending has passed me buy, perhaps I might do a little research first!

OK got to go and start that Christmas table runner kit I brought in July!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Sounds like a fun time!!! Shopping/deciding is always a little stressful! Sorry can't help you on specifics!!

    I LOVE your little red star quilt!!! It will be just perfect for the holidays!!

  2. I have a Go! cutter which I love for cutting things like triangles, drunkard's path blocks etc. I never use it for just cutting strips or squares, even though I bought a strip cutting die. I think they are well worth having for the accuracy and also for things that are a bit tricky. Be warned though, the dies are not cheap.

  3. Loving those action shots!

    I really need one of those lights for my sewing room.

  4. I wonder if a Sizzix (or however you spell it) would be a better buy? I haven't looked into it but maybe I will, I'd love a machine to cut tricky shapes. I like your booty, it's fun to have a bit of a splurge isn't it!

  5. I'm lusting after a Silhouette Cameo cutter!

    I started writing an email ages ago but got sidetracked...must finish it, but love the idea of catching up and delving into the world of quilting with you in Jan. :)

  6. No feedback on the go cutter but I would LOVE one - let me know how you go with it!!


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