Purple or orange?

Today's dilemma, will I wear the new purple button necklace...
 Or the orange one?
 Who cares, the Quilt Show is on and I am there!  Here's today's loot!
I just played white glove lady today and then had a 30 minute window to make purchases before I had to put my responsible mothers hat on and go pick up the kids.  However the next three days are open to longer shopping expeditions opportunities, so I will be returning with my list for new needles, a new cutting mat and hopefully a fancy light so I can see to sew at night!  If your in Adelaide pop on down the showgrounds and check out the great display of quilts.
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. sounds like a great couple of days for you! Enjoy!!

  2. Ha, more shirtings! I've actually got a couple of those, in purple and cream. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you purchase!

  3. Im still tossing up whether Im going to get there...your post may have just decided that question for me!

  4. Sue, I love both necklaces. I must get you to show me how to do those! A trade, skirt for a necklace!!
    Happy shopping at the Fair. I went for a very short time today but still managed to spend enough money. Enjoy


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