Christmas here I come!

About a year and half ago I saw this pattern at The Patchwork Cow for a Christmas table runner.  I had the bright idea that I could duplicate that at home with red and green fabrics.  Don't worry about the fact I had never made a braid before.  Or that the cute understated Christmas fabrics were what made it special.  Or that I hadn't taken note of the lovely applique design. 
So this year when we went back on our shop hop to the Patchwork Cow I stopped being stingy and brought a first kit!  So the other day I thought I cannot, must not, really shouldn't let another December go by without making it up.  Its a table runner, how long can it take?! 
Well between feeding kids, watering vegies, finally remembering to fertilize the lemon tree and complete the washing I did get a start.  I used tear away behind the applique block (just like Heather told me to) and it made such a difference to the button hole stitching!  :-)
The bright green stickers are numbers so I sew the right strip on the right side...its a bit confusing having this end that doesn't meet up with anything...when you are stitching its easy to forget which way is up! 
There is a chance I will have this done before Christmas, just perhaps not before 1 December...only because I got distracted and started one of my new patterns purchased at the show...nothing like making more UFO's when I should be making Christmas pressies! 
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. It's gorgeous Sue.. will be fantastic..

  2. It will be lovely . Just remember its not a race and since Christmas happens every single year if it doesnt get done in time for this Christmas there is always next year!

  3. It's going to look lovely, and if it's not finished this Christmas, don't worry, there'll be another one along in about a year's time!


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