Ted and B1 see some outside action

It is a lovely sunny spring morning in Adelaide.  Ted and B1 voted for a turn in the garden...but   
 because B1 was only wearing PJ's he needed a nice completed dolls quilt to keep him warm.  Ted
 complains of the cold, but at his age (40 is old for a bear) a knee rug is to be expected.  Ted is awaiting surgery, as a small girl chewed off his lovely black nose many years ago...poor Ted, such a pity that the waiting lists for plastic surgery at public hospitals are so long!
 Ted and B1 sighted some lovely art in their ride around the garden.  They fancied a seat in their old friend the rocking chair, but DH decided it needed a new home and after 20 minutes on the verge, it was granted one!  Lots of memories of breast feeding woes and sleepless nights, (and howls after knocks to poor wee bub's head on those #*@! arms), gone forever..yippee!

Ted and B1 admired the lovely finished basket table runner amongst the budding green of the hibiscus bush.  Its amazing what you see if you venture into the garden early in the morning!
Happy quilting Sue SA.

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  1. Love your doll quilt, your quilting looks fantastic! Using some of your gorgeous shirtings too. And the table runner is lovely, how did the applique go? I find I need a bit of practice as I rarely machine applique. It will look lovely on your table. Nice to finish a couple of small projects!


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