A Wood Post

I love wood, but I am happy to admire and appreciate...I would mostly likely cause some bodily harm to myself if I worked with it.  I admire people who can build things in wood - surely it is much hard to "fudge" then fabric, which has some give?!!  I deliver the appropriate sounds of appreciation, when I see something beautiful - because as a creative person, I admire others who create in different mediums. 

My darling Dad is a modest man and quietly goes about making me beautiful things, all in wood.  This is a fairly new hobby to him, but his father took up wood turning in his retirement, so even as children we would troop off to the workshop to see what Grandpa had made.  Now we take our children into Papa's shed to see what he is making...its a bit like Santa's cave though because he
also makes toys!
My most recent gift from my father as this quilt hanger/towel rail for the sewing room/guest bedroom, which I absolutely love.  It was a requested piece, but I was expecting it for Christmas, so it is early!  Hmmm, yep not turned.  Dad didn't have a pattern to work off, so he worked out how high it needed to be (so the guest's towels don't drag on then floor) and that measurement was too long for his equipment.  He used Black wood, but from two different trees, so you can see the lighter wood in the horizontal rails compared to the sides.  I know nothing about wood, so found that interesting - same variety, but different tree = variation in colour, bit like different dye lots with fabric I guess!

We don't have many painted walls in our house, so apologies for the wood backdrop.  Here is my quilt hanger - with a quilt on board!
In September my Uncle (Dad's brother) came for a visit and he brought me this handmade rolling pin, which you can see we put into good use during the school holidays making gingerbread men. 

I love the fancy pattern...it is inlaid in the wood - not painted on, clever huh!  So you can see that I been a very luck girl of late, with two beautiful presents...months before Christmas!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love the towel rail/quilt hanger, and yes I don't think that we could "fudge" with wood either!

  2. They are both gorgeous Sue! I've never seen a rolling pin like that either!

  3. What beautiful gifts! Lucky, lucky girl. The quilt looks wonderful on the quilt rack and I bet your cooking tastes better when you use the rolling pin.


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