Basket Table runner

I had high hopes of a needle turn applique project this year.  I have wanted to make a basket pattern for a long time.  In fact I was steering clear of pieced basket patterns, they looked too hard!  So once I got hooked on what is now going to be a big pieced basket quilt, I thought I really must tackle the appliqued basket block that I found HERE by the lovely Christine from Once Upon a Quilt who kindly sent me her pattern (you might need to check that she is still prepared to send her original design). 
I use to needle turn applique, not sure what happened over the intervening years, but my skills were lost, try as I might I could not get it to work.  I gave up, this was only going to be a table runner and made from my stash, so I let visions of needle turn go, got out the visafix and switched the machine on.
 I haven't used the buttonhole stitch on my machine as much as I had anticipated.  However it is very handy to have.  This is the "double" or thick version, which I used.  Not sure I love it, but I am hoping it means less fraying after a few washes.  However as you can see I missed one inside edge, it pays to be patient...I was in a hurry, not sure why!
The layout is my design.  I wanted a rectangle table runner that wasn't too long or too wide.  I have a long standing hatred of table runners with pointy ends...mainly because of the binding.  But I didn't think WHY the designers go with pointy I know!  OK so it looks a little weird, but we are going to call that "part of the learning process"and 13 years along my patchwork journey I am still learning!
So while all the applique and piecing happened last weekend, this morning I have completed the quilting.  Just simple straight quilting, using the edge of my foot, going either side of the seams.  I didn't want to over quilt it, another one of my pet hates - over quilted table runners.  So now some binding and I am done.  Hmmm I know I should label, but that's what the blog is for...keeping a record of the little things I make!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Hello .. I have never seen a smart articles that you created. It really helped me to get back my ideas for writing. I will save this post, for I learn more

  2. I dont think it looks odd at all ..I think it looks wonderful. I used to think I exclusively liked modern type quilting but this year Ive been leaning more towards traditional blocks and colours.

    I've never done needle turn appliqué but I'm about to on a pot may hear swearing from my side of town!

  3. i have exactly the same 'issues' as you do with applique. i have yet to find the method for me. maybe there isn't one and I should just stay clear. At least my sanity will be safe then. Having said that Quilters Companion had a DVD with one of their magazines done by Sarah fielke on applique. I thought it was good and when I 'retire' I might even like to try it. I haven't even ever tried the blanket stitch on my machine.


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