Little projects take time

DH has made us two raised veggie garden beds.  I am very pleased with the results, so fingers crossed that my efforts result in some fresh veggies for eating in ... ?? weeks....I am not good at waiting!  But in the interim I am taking a ridiculous amount of pleasure in watching the tiny seeds burst out of the soil and watching the seedlings getting bigger.

There is a  Dolls Quilt is on my To Do list.  This is NOT the actual pattern I was originally planning to make, but whats not to like about nine patch on point?!  This is a free pattern from Kathleen Tracy on her website Country Lane Quilts HERE.
I had a ridiculous amount of trouble trying to find a border print....the fabrics are all out of my stash, and I generally only buy fat quarters of reproductions, so trying to find a suitable piece big enough was the problem. 
I went back to the shop and did some shopping (but forgot to take the dolls quilt) and got home and  started a NEW project.  Which resulted in some pressies for others.  That got me further distracted, but these two car bin's are for girlfriends who had birthdays LAST month, so I figured they needed to get done straight away.  Mind you they still haven't been delivered.  The white bit in the middle is interfacing to make them sit out AND so you can fold the top of a plastic bag over it...a small bag like you get the veggies in at the supermarket. This pattern is by A Ditchin Time Quilts blog and her Car Trash bag tutorial can be found HERE.
So after that diversion I decided to quilt the Basket Table Runner..which of course needed backing.  I found the backing in the draw of backings (duh) and ironically it was also the perfect border for the doll quilt.  So that got pinned and I started quilting. I now think it deserves a proper quilted border....if one of my stencils fits. 
I have started sewing the binding down (this post got started over a week ago), but might try and do some proper quilting in that border today...all day quilting is on TODAY, I am one excited quilter!
SO, got to go and pack for my day of stitching, happy quilting Sue SA.
PS I "lost" my blog last weekend.  When I found it (truly) and logged in it turned out that someone had hacked (?!) into a blog that I follow, so I stopped following that blog (Farmyard Crafts) and that seem to fix MY problems.  Don't know if anyone else has had that problem, bit of a worry that you would invade someones blog, but I guess it is a reality of our modern life.  I am hoping you can all still see me AND that Farmyard Craft manages to fix her problem...or that someone else who is more tech savvy then me, can help her?  I am off to update my password!


  1. I tried to get into your blog earlier in the week and it said it could not be found, but you are back! How could someone hack another blog?? Some people have far too much time on their hands I think. Glad to see you are getting some sewing for you done. Enjoy your all day sewing.

  2. That is a nice little vege garden!
    Those rubbish bags for in the car are a brilliant idea!

  3. Hope your veggie garden goes well! I just love growing things we can eat, and just wish our garden was bigger so I could do more of it.

  4. Argh, had troubles with my comment. Also wanted to tell you I'm considering doing a quilt or two for the boys....simple ones with big panels inside. I have found some fabrics I really want to use! Ok, pick yourself up off the floor now. :D. We all know I'm no there anything I really MUST know before I plunge in?

  5. Ps I'm not decided yet on doona cover or quilt. :)

    1. Hey sent you an SMS but must have an old number. Happy to help you with a quilt if you want, not sure about a pieced downs cover, but I guess if you overlock the seams them it wouldn't fray and would be up for repeat washing.

  6. I love watching our strawberries and lettuce growing so we can eat them. Charlie Carp fertiliser is the best!
    I really like your doll quilt. Its amazing how fabrics come to your attention for a project, isn't it?


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