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Our Easter break

My FIL and MIL came over to visit us for Easter and have a holiday...Ha, this is my FIL showing me what taking a rest looks like.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, as DH was facing the job of taking this previously six foot brick wall down on his own.  Despite the fact that my own Dad had kindly brought me a cold chisel (Oh for the 80's when Cold Chisel was THE band!) and a mallet so I could contribute to the job...thanks Dad! 

So now we are looking forward to having a carport we can fit two cars in, with a roof that doesn't leak and no brick wall to dent the car doors with.  I think the original owners must have owned a Mini in the 60's rather then a Kingswood like the rest of Australia!  Oh and we have gutters, yippee!

My MIL showed me how to knit this... yep it is something I set out to create, but all will have to be revealed later, when I get around to finishing it.  I did get the latest I spy quilt off to the long arm quilters, complete with border of cat…

A few more baby presents

I had started a few more baby gifts and then finished them in dribs and drabs over the last two weeks. So just getting around to posting about them now.  This is what I did with the bargain $7 x 1 metre lengths of flannel I brought in Robe.  I tried to pair the Lion fabric with green for a unisex option but it demanded blue. 
More baby cubes, very quick and easy to make.  I have one more bell left and then I think I will be sick of making these.  I used brights on one and farm animals on the other.  I would like to do African animals but they tend to be dark coloured backgrounds, not quite right for a baby.  Another bonus when making these is that I cut up the left overs of each fabric I use (six different fabrics in each cube), so I am also developing a nice stash of pre cut squares, mainly 4" and larger.  So YES Red Ham it is true, I am stash busting my novelty collection!  I  am stash busting in general, but the rest of my fabrics (old/don't like anymore/left overs from p…

Thanks Kylie

Thanks for your feedback comment Kylie, the dark blue sounded like a great idea and a good excuse to go to the patchwork shop! I think the shopping was warranted, given that I did look in my stash first and the rest of the quilt came out of my stash anyway LOL! So here is the end result...

There wasn't much point going to the shop for only one project, so I took these blocks and found another blue to sash them with.  DS1 tells me that it looks "beautiful", which makes me happy.  I didn't really want blue sashing, but green and other colours didn't look as nice.  The photo colour isn't true, it is brighter then this, but I took the picture at night ... which is when I finished it.... so only myself to blame.  I will add another final border, but thinking of a large animal print - another purchase awaits! 
Happy quilting Sue!

Sewing saves my sanity

Its raining again and we still don't have all our new gutters on, the roof is leaking, both my kids are sick, DH is sick and my spine has decided to rebel this week.  AND its football season again! Whinge, whine, blah, blah blah. 

OK, now I have got that OFF my chest, please don't take it on board, I am sure you are looking for something NICE in your day, so here is a bit of eye candy.

I made this cot size top in a few hours last week - honest it was that easy! 

I think it needs a final red border, what do you think? 

I am all out of boys cot quilts, but DS1 thinks it should go to one of his male cousins.  If my spine recovers sufficiently  I am going to continue to ignore the housework and see if I can replicate this, but make it bigger eg. single bed size.  All this fabric came out of my stash.  I have been officially distracted from UFO's (cannot quilt with a sore spine) and now focusing on stash busting instead!

I had a weekend away with 3 girl friends from high scho…

March projects

 Mum brought me Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott....a long time ago now (does it matter!) and I had been lusting after the Quilt Carry Bag... so here it is!  I made a few errors while making this bag, but I wont bore you with the details.  One of the things I did do right was to ONLY use three magnetic clips instead of the recommended six.  I only had three in the cupboard and three is plenty if you ever get to make this bag.  I used it to take my partially quilted Eastwood wedding star quilt home for show and tell with Mum and it worked well.  The following weekend I used it to carry my pillow, sheet and single bed doona for a girls weekend away and again it was ideal. 
 This fabric has been lying around my sewing room for a few weeks and DS1 has been keen to claim ownership of it.
 This off centre log cabin made in a monment of madness has been in my cupboard for many months. 
 Today I combined the two to make a floor pillow for DS1.  He was happy and I was glad to have one…