What happened to October?

The past month has disappeared with visitors, DH work trips, trying to get back into routine after school holidays and a long weekend away.  I have made a few purchases...

More boy novelties from the quilt shop in the Barossa and one reproduction print for my Seven Sisters quilt.

But I decided I needed to focus on my priorities, so put the finishing touches to my Quilters guild challenge #2 - a table runner, sneak peek here...sorry but its a secret until December.

And my other ongoing priority which is to finish Bea's Celtic quilt.  So I trimmed the blocks, laid them out, stitched them together...only to discover I had sewn one row the wrong way...now there are two blue applique blocks together.  So that is in the "waiting to be unpicked pile" along with the two applique blocks I need to finish, so I can put the top together.

Then I heard from a friend...she has had a daughter, so I started a cot quilt, but it ended up a bit gender neutral, only from the lack of pink in my stash.  Then I couldn't get a purple to go with orange and green (why is that?!) so ended up with navy sashing (sorry no pic) but the blocks look like this...definitely not a girly girls quilt.  So what can you do but buy more fabric !

 But before I could cut that up it was time to go to the Adelaide Quilt show...which features in the next post as blogger isn't playing nice when it comes to pictures.  Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Sue you have done some lovely sewing... I do love your Celtic knots.... have fun with your new girly fabric.....

  2. Your Celtic blocks are looking amazing, you should be proud of yourself. I am looking forward to seeing a girly quilt from you, now that is something different! You've been very busy, the table runner looks interesting too.

  3. Yeah, what happened to October. Nice fabric haul. Great novelty prints. The celtic blocks are looking really good.Bummer about the unpicking.


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