South Australias Quilt Show

I tried to load some pictures for you last week, but the Guilds website wouldn't open, I am guessing it was overwhelmed with visitors.  I have my own photos of the show, but the Guilds rules are that we are not allowed to publish them on the Internet.  Which is a pity as not all my friends won a prize, and some complete strangers quilts captivated me, which I would have liked to share. 

Drum roll please.......... (photo by SA Quilters Guild)
Elaine Kennedy won first prize (category Amateur - Traditional) for Cream Feathers and Scrolls and Excellence in Long arm/Short arm quilting.  This is just a close up of the middle of the quilt, because the quilt is a cream on cream whole cloth a photo of the whole quilt doesn't look like much, sorry but you really need to see it in person! 

Elaine and I quilt together at After Dark Quilters and she quilts all my big we are very privileged to have her quilt the charity quilts we make at Quilts from the Heart.  Elaine is also a good friend, so heartfelt congratulations and a few tears of joy, as these awards are great recognition for her wonderful work and well deserved.
In keeping with my red and white/cream fetish I made a few purchases in fat quarters and really pushed my comfort zone buying TWO charm packs.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

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  1. You are indeed very lucky to have such a talented quilter as a friend. Very nice stashing indeed!


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