Christmas Quilt along

So the plan was that DH would work outside, the kids would play quietly (inside or out) and I would sew inside, therefore allowing me to join the Christmas quilt along.

Hmmm the best laid  plans....DS1 has another sore ear, the third in the last month and the doctor has previously refused him medication.  He is lying down on one lounge, dosed with Panadol and at least eating dry biscuits.  DS2 hasn't kept down water since 7am but fingers crossed its now 3 pm and he has had half a dry biscuit and some water.  He is holding fort on the other sofa and at least had a couple of short naps. 

Obviously when I decided to clean the house yesterday and the mop broke before I could wash the floors, it was for a good reason.  So today apart from going out to buy a new mop, several loads of washing and washing the floors I did squeeze in some sewing and a quick trip for batting.

So I previously showed you a block of this quilt.  All the fabrics came from my stash, apart from the blue stripe.  Definitely a boys quilt.  Oops needed a girls quilt....hence a bit of sewing this morning to finish the sashing on this...none of which came out of the stash!
Sorry just needed to acknowledge that this is a Ursula Reikes design, titled Coxey's Camp, from her book Even more Quilts fro Baby, Easy as ABC, published by That Patchwork Place 2000.

So the backing (from stash) and batting have been prepared, but two sick kids will prevent me from sandwiching these to cot quilts today. 

However I did stitch the final bit of binding on this quilt this morning, so here is a peek...I haven't done the label yet.  Luck of the Irish is too big for DH to hold on his own and the clothes line is full. So hopefully I will round up two friends soon...if I am not quarantined by the doctor tomorrow...!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. It just wasn't your day was it? Still at least you did make it to the QAL party for a while, and seem to have been very productive too.

  2. Hope the lurgy leaves you soon. Love the look of a fresh bound quilt.

  3. Hope your lads are feeling better soon. You've been so productive - love your kids quilts.
    Bet your floors are sparkle-arkling now!

  4. I hope your baby boys are better now and you haven't fallen prey to any bugs. It looks a great pattern. Love your bright colourful fabrics. good luck finding time to get them quilted.


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