Testing one, two, three...hello?

Hello, anyone out there?  I had been wondering why I wasn't getting any comments, then Kylie emailed me to say that she wasn't able to.  Last night at Guild Jude and Dawn confirmed the problem.  I did have a fiddle yesterday, but not sure if it worked or not...(fingers crossed)...could someone please try to leave me a comment and send an email if it wont let you?

Thanks, Sue.
PS these are my purchases at the shop, Riverlea Quilts from last nights SA Quilters Guild meeting.  Yeah I know, do I really need more novelty prints? LOL, I  just couldn't help myself!


  1. Woo Hoo its working so far.... glad I can comment again.
    Hugs Dawn x x x
    Nice owl fabric x x x

  2. So many lovely quilts, and yes quilting does make a difference to the look of a quilt.

  3. still can't comment using my blogger profile xx

  4. Hi Sue, hope you are well - you have certainly created a multitude of beautiful things this year, according to your list! (I just dropped by for a visit after I noticed your blog is now on my blogfollowing list!)

  5. Great novelty prints. Its important to buy good novelty prints when you see them. You never know when you might need a good novelty print, especially boy ones.
    A couple of tips about commenting. It seems to help if you make the comment appear in a separate window. I notice this works. Lastly I also have Google Chrome loaded on my computer (looks very similar to Internet Explorer) and commenting works fine.


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