Quilt for Carisbrook

Stacy and Erolyn helped me sew this quilt back in March and then I posted the top to Wilma in Carisbrook and she quilted it and it was donated to someone affected by the floods.  I was really pleased when I made contact with Mary Kaye, because she took the photos of all the quilts donated to Carisbrook and she generously send me a CD of her photos and gave me permission to include her photos on my blog. 
Its amazing what a difference quilting makes to your quilt! 
Mary took all these photos and I have found a few quilts that I want to lay claim to on behalf of the Quilts from the Heart group.  I am sure we sent 12 quilts over but I cannot find the pictures I took, they are somewhere on DH laptop.
 The green nine patch on the top left was by Quilts from the Heart and the quilt next to it, with cats and pumpkins looks familiar but I am not sure.  Sue Z makes a lot of quilt tops at home and then often brings them in for borders or just quilting ...it looks like one of hers but I will have to check!
 This quilt is one of ours as well, but not sure who made it, but I definitely remember cutting the borders! 
The blue floral quilt on the right is "ours" and I believe Jill made it.  Jill is our special helper, as her usual job is helping to run Thursday Craft, so she just fits in some quilting when she can.

More information and photos of quilts can be seen at the blog Wilma set up, 

Happy quilting Sue SA.

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  1. Your quilt turned put beautifully. I agree that quilting makes such a difference. Congratulations to you and all your sewing friends for making such wonderful quilts to brighten someone's day.


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