Maths is my friend

All weekend I pondered what I could show you...but I hadn't done any sewing!  Then I managed to find time to cut out some diamonds for my next  seven sisters block.
 Then I remembered I hadn't told you that Wednesday night my generous friends at After Dark Quilters had pointed out there were buttons on sale...we sew in a church hall along side their op shop... so I got the three packets of coloured buttons for $3.  At Thursday Craft, I got the white buttons off the honesty table for $2...I can see more button necklaces in the near future!
 Also from Thursday craft I got this vintage fabric, it is silver, black and gold, which are not my usual colours.  I am not really sure why I love this fabric, but I can see it in my house, so it also came home with me. 
 Then I remembered that you hadn't seen the completed final block for the Celtic Quilt.  I need to borrow a very large square, so I can now square the blocks up, before joining them. 

Then because " all good things come to those who wait "... I managed to get quite a bit of sewing time in today...despite DS2 being sick... just had to fit in some cleaning first!  Ah, maths is once again my worked!!! I had to make a few more 1" squares today, but got there in the end.  This top is now so big I had to resort to the clothesline for a photo...don't know why I haven't done this before, as it works so well.  Well except it is sideways, but you get the idea.  I am going fabric hunting tomorrow for border/binding fabric, so I can finish this quilt asap.  Then while it is at the quilters I will be able to get my head around the maths for the Celtic quilt...all those setting triangles!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Your quilt looks great. I love how the squares set it off. Well Done!

  2. What a beautiful quilt and the celtic one will look stunning all set on point.

  3. HI Sue, had a good look around your blog this morning....I lost my connection a while ago and quite a few blogs got lost under my radar!!! Love the celtic (on my want to do list) and your large green one in the blocks is just stunning.... as a fan of wool I loved the Wagga's... I must look out for some suits!

  4. Beaut buttons, fab fabric, celebrate celtic & fantastic finish (quilt top). Go Sue! Happy shopping for your border/binding fabric.

  5. Your Irish quilt is wonderful! The design is great and I love your choice of colours. I can't find your email address so you'll have to follow the link to my blog. Thanks for a great afternoon! Hope I can get over to you some time soon.


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