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This past week DH has had an unsolvable Internet problem which only seems to affect me when I wanted to access my blog.  In desperation this morning I had to sneak in via my other blog... don't think I have told you about my other blog, but you can find it here - Quilts from the Heart SA  which is a pictorial record of the quilts our group make for charity.  I haven't spent much time on it lately, but hope to bring it up to date soon, when our IT issues are resolved! ANYWAY I wanted to update you on what I have been doing over the last month, so here we go...
 This Celtic block is half finished... a little bit more hand sewing to go!  I completed this one (underneath) while we were visiting family interstate.  Should have given it a press before taking a photo!  There is only one more block to make and then I will have them all finished.
This is the library bag I made DS1.  He came home (in the first week) with a notice Wednesday that they needed a library bag for Thursday...and of course he didn't want any of the fabric I had in my stash, so we had to fit in a quick trip to the shops.  I didn't know how big to make this bag, so just made it up as I went along.  I added drawstrings to the top, so the books wouldn't fall out.  But silly Mummy, the books are really really big when you are just starting school!
While we were interstate (during the school holidays) I nearly finished my first seven sisters block.  This is part of my hexagons/diamonds, no pattern/making it up as I go along WIP! I have discovered that glue works fairly well when piecing over papers and that has speed up my progress on this project.  That and being separated from my machine! 
 I have also started hand sewing the binding down on one of my UFO's.  While sewing in the ends I have found a few gaps in the machine quilting that I need to go back and fix before I show you the whole quilt.
 And finally I did lots of baking for two special birthdays.  I had largely given up on my aspirations to make fancy birthday cakes.  I don't know what to do with brightly iced cake left overs, because for some reason all the children we know just take one bite and leave the rest...and their parents decline to participate!  So the last few years we have had lamingtons with candles (easy to freeze left overs and more appealing to young and old) as birthday fare.  However when your nearly five you have an opinion on cake...had to be chocolate with vanilla icing.  OK I can do that...but looked a bit boring, so just spiced it up with DS1 favorite theme...roadworks! 
Happy Quilting Sue SA.


  1. I love the last photo. The sleeping baby in the back ground and I LOVE jelly slice. Great cake. I am really enjoying paper piecing it is so portable I like your no pattern design.

  2. One more celtic block to go! Awesome effort. Its a great library bag. As part of Gabe's school uniform we buy a library/excursion bag. Your seven sisters block is looking good. The glue sounds like a great idea. Your birthday cake looks great to me. I am so not a maker of elaborate cakes. gabe isn't a big cake eater. He probably wouldn't even have one bite.All the best for sorting out your technical issues.


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