More projects completed

This is Julies FIRST bag!  She is in a world of trouble now, as there are quite a few bag addicts in our group!  Heather showed Julie how to make this bag, a great size and a great use for left over strips.
On Sunday I finally gave in to DS1 and made him new bedding for Peachy and Puppy...because apparently they are NOT good at sharing and poor Peachy was getting cold! 
Then because I lent my spare wheat bag to Mum (just had knee surgery, but opps needs ice not heat!) I then had to make some extras for DS1 and DS2 (with the names appliqued on) because I am not good at sharing!
This beauty is my solution to lower back pain, designed to wear around your waist, it has velcro so it stays on when you get up to make a cuppa/scream at the kids/find your unpicker/answer the phone!

And finally some evidence that this week it has been COLD in Adelaide... And unfortunately the microwave died tonight, so no wheat bag to warm my toes in bed and cold weetbix for breakfast, what a disaster!!  Hmm it was only 20 years old...not bad for a moden electrical appliance!

Yes thats hail, not snow, much to the disappointment of DS1, he keeps asking when its going to snow in Adelaide.  Like NEVER!   Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Yes gabe's little ted had to have a sleeping bag. Bad news about the microwave. I hope you have another one now.I remember a huge hail storm we had as a kid. There is photo evidence of us making things with the ice.I amagine your boys had a great time playing with the ice.


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