Busy busy

I have been busy, but not sewing, rather "unsewing"!  In an attempt to quickly finish this quilt I decided to stipple it and for reasons unknown I decided to use navy thread..duh!   After a lot of dramas involving printers, I finally got labels printed today (thank you Elaine and Dalice) for this quilt, the green/white QAYG log cabin and Bright Stars cot quilts.  They are all going in the mail to Japan, hopefully tommorow.  The deadline is end of July, and apparently it takes a week even by air mail.  I have just realised DH has the camera...and he is in NZ...(#*%$#!!

DS1 starts school on Monday, for the first time...yipee more sewing time for Mummy!  Yes I know I am supose to be sad, but I still have darling DS2 at home to keep me company.  Hmm, perhaps I wont be stitching up a storm after all, oh well!  Happy quilting Sue.

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  1. Great transport fabrics. I thought I would have more sewing time when Gabe went to school... still waiting. I really hope you get some more precious sewing time. I hope it all goes well.


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