New Years Resolutions

Last year I decided that I would set myself a New Years Resolution to start a blog and to finish some of my UFO's.  I didn't set myself a goal of how many  I wanted to finish, just to whittle the total down.  And overall I am very pleased with the outcome of my NYR, as I have kept my blog going and finished six UFO's.  In total I made 4 quilts (large lap or single bed sized), 9 cot quilts, 2 wall hangings, 2 table runners and 7 bags, plus numerous small items such as nappy wallets and make up purses. 

SO what to do for 2011?  Let me ponder that a bit longer while I show you even MORE photos that should have been posted in 2010.
Christmas tree decorations for ADQ patchworkers
Creche staff Christmas Tree decorations
 These cute owls are a from a free pattern I got off the Internet, I slightly amended it and made 16 for the ladies in my patchwork group.  I think they make great Christmas tree decorations and so did DS1 who pestered me for a red one.  I made some more Gingerbread men (apologies the picture was saved the right way up but now will not behave!)  for the staff at our son's creche, along with some edible treats.  I found these really quick to sew, but didn't make any extra :-( so I must remember to make one each for DS1 & 2 next Christmas.  I didn't use a pattern for these, just traced around a biscuit cutter from the draw and well the rest is fairly self explanatory! 

Wedding blocks by the Eastwood Patchwork Quilters
Remember that I asked you if I should put these blocks on point or sashed?  Well they were staring at me from the design wall (while I made Christmas tree decorations) and I started to feel guilty.  So I started sewing them up (week before Christmas) and finally finished about 10 minutes after my DH finished packing the car, the morning we went off to visit our families for Christmas!  I thought there were only 3 seams left, but it was actually four, lucky  DH is an understanding man!  I am now a bit unsure what to do next?  Do you think it needs a border?  I think it does but a pieced border sounds like hard work given that the mix of fabrics is so diverse or am I just being lazy?

Now I have had some thinking time I have decided my NYR will be to reduce my UFO's by half (currently stands at 6) and my WIP (4) by half and  to complete the Celtic quilt top (for the daughter of my quilting friend Bea, who passed away last year).  I am sure that this is ambitious enough, as I know that I will not be able to resist the temptations of new patterns/projects, plus we have five friends expecting babies this year, so more cot quilts are required! 
Happy quilting, Sue.

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  1. Love the owls! Great idea for a quick gift. The EPQ blocks look great. I think a border would look good but I don't think it would look bad without a border either. Guesss it depends what size you want it. Sounds like you are going to be busy this year. Very much looking forward to your creations.


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