Harvest in progress

For those of you that are interested here are some action shots from my family farm, while harvest was in progress.  The abundant rainfalls in Western Victoria produced bumper crops in the spring.  However continued rain over Spring and into harvest (and the locust plague) has reduced the potential of many farmers crops and in some cases they were simply washed out.   
Header unloading canola into field bin.
 My oldest brother (with DH and DS1 hitching a ride) was harvesting canola, and is just emptying the grain into a field bin in the paddock here.  The field bins are used as temporary storage until the truck driver arrives.  You cannot see them, but there are locusts flying all around me as I took this shot.  The  front of the car was covered in them and we hit a couple of small swarms as we drove over to Victoria.

The truck driver contracted to haul the grain.

Loading the "dog" trailer with canola stored in a silo.
This is "our" truckie, Vinny - who has a patchworking mum!  It was a nice surprise to see him and his "new" truck, which DS 1 & 2 loved!  He filled up the truck and trailer (with canola) from the silos back at the farm house - you can see more silos in the background.  The auger (large red "pump" for shifting grain) is self propelled (eg you sit on it and drive it around) which is a lot flasher then what Dad had when we were kids.  I hadnt seen it in use before and would have loved to driven it... that's the farm girl in me coming out... well I did sacrifice my ride on the header for DH!
Happy harvesting, Sue.

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