Spring weather in August

Its a beautiful day and I want to spend it in the garden. My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it and the rest of the house needs cleaning, but I would prefer to be outside gardening. I am not much of a gardener but I do enjoy the physical activity and the end results = flowers. We brought this house two and half years ago and have really been anti gardeners in that time eg. we have cut down trees and let plants die. Not that it was our intention to be such brown thumbs but the garden had become reliant on regular/heavy watering, not something we could keep up with water restrictions and me being heavily pregnant. Also the beautiful big trees had been planted too close to the house and boundary for their size. So in that time I have been creating little pockets that were time friendly, low water users and inexpensive = succulants.
Now that the boys are older and can "help", we are finally spending more time in the garden together. The aim is to put in alot of native plants that flower, cope with our long hot and dry summers and help feed our birdlife, who sadly have had to move else where after we reluctantly destroyed some of their homes. We have put in two water tanks with the plan for a third so we can water outside of summer bucket only restrictions. A friend (thanks Granny Marg) gave me some purple/blue iris's, and this is the first to flower. I would love to have it inside as a cut flower but there are about six other buds on the stem, so I will have to enjoy it, for an extended period in the garden, instead.
This is a close up of the Art to Heart Harvest Table runner that I freehand machine quilted last weekend. All I can say is that "its all good practise!"

I now need to trim the edges and bind the table runner. But after I do that I do have a few pieces that still need finishing as they sit over the top of the binding - can you see the spring onion on the bottom?

Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Beautiful job on the table runner and the succulants! Glad you visited me on flickr, thanks for the lovely comments. Love that your comp1leted projects list is longer than the WIPs list

  2. Hello Sue,

    thank you so much for the 'quicknote' which you sent me at the beginning of the month. Sorry I haven't replied earlier........I have just worked out how to respond on your blog!!!

    I made my version of the roll up matchbox car garage and road. I am very pleased with it, as is my grandson (3). It was heaps of fun to make, using scrap fabric featuring cars and tractors.

    I think your blog is really special......how nice that you share your life with others.

    Take care....enjoy your kids and thanks again .... kindest regards Rebecca Grieger

  3. i like the table runner and good luck with your garden.


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