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Because I have been off air for so long I was really scratching my head trying to remember what I had been working on, then I found an old "to do" list and this "homework" was on it!

Which became this! I had been hanging out waiting for this class, with Heather ran for our group. It is called the Quilters Carry Bag and is a pattern by Heather Ford. For those of you in Adelaide, Heather is a local teacher and runs a class for this pattern. Mind you it took most of the day to make, so I was VERY glad I wasn't trying to tackle it on my own at home - and did I mention that we had to do homework before we came to class! Still it was very worthwhile project as I now have a lovely big bag to safely transport my rulers and board as well as for storing them at home.

I went to our Guilds meeting last week, the first time for the year and I think only my third or fourth visit since I joined about two years ago. The kids and sleep previously prevented me venturing out on Thursday night, but I am so glad I went because I won these!
I had completely forgotten but the Guild give a prize (donated by the shop in attendance) to one person who brings up their work for show and tell. Well I had two quilts with me (Toms I spy and the Kinder raffle I spy quilt) because I was handing them over for valuation, and thought I would put them in show and tell while I was at it. I WAS THE ONLY PERSON in show and tell! So I won the Presidents Encouragement Award, sounds grand doesn't it? Ssssh don't tell anyone that the odds were in my favour! I was very chuffed to win these beautiful scissors plus I have a new scissors holder that is just perfect for them!
The scissors holder on the left came in my gift bag one year at Green Triangle day (an annual quilters get together in South West Victoria and SE South Australia) and I made the one on the right at patchwork camp this year from a pattern someone gave me. I am planning to make a version based on a variation of the two, but think I might keep the new scissors in their special velvet box.
I brought this cut little light at the patchwork shop at Murray Bridge (when I was at patchwork camp), I forget the name of the shop, but it was a terrific set up, with a "$2" type shop at the front, good for finding bargains in and then Aladdin's cave of fabrics and notions down the back. It is the perfect little light for extra shine when quilting, especially in winter as my sewing room faces south. However the long neck makes it a bit top heavy and it didnt stand up very well. I came with a sticky bit so you could attach it to something (your machine?) but I wasnt too keen on that idea. So my very clever Dad turned me a wooden base AND added three dowels for holding cotton reels. We measured it up so that I can put the matching bobbin on top of the reel, when you are swapping colours but know your going back to that combination. AND he was thoughtful enough to make it all out of the wood (a type of sheoak) that we saved for him when we had a tree cut down in our backyard. So I feel very blessed to have such a talented (and kind) Dad, especially as he just whipped it up in a day!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

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  1. Love the carry bag. Congratulations on the win. Great prize. Your light looks cute. Glad to hear its functional too especially after your Dad's improvements.


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