Car Cosy

I am still trying to complete as many UFO's as I can before the year runs out... because it just dawned on me that Christmas is only three months away!
BUT it was one of those days, when I ran out of thread and the binding was JUST that bit too short ... argh!!!

However I did muddle my way through and I now have the binding and label on my Harvest Table runner. BUT I cannot help thinking that a little bit more quilting is required, so I havent put it on the table yet! I am sure that if I leave it in my sewing room long enough I will forget my good intentions and start using it!

This is a shot of a "Car Cosy" I made two for my boys before our last trip interstate to visit family. They are well used by our car crazy son's and so I decided to make some more as gifts, which I just posted off last week. There are six pockets for matchbox cars to live in and road to drive them on, then you just flip the road over and roll the whole lot up for carrying around EVERYWHERE - when your a 4 yr old its your equivilent of a handbag!
The pattern was a tutorial from My Little Gems blog and was easy to follow. I changed the pattern a little bit to suit what I had in the cupboard, my only regret being that I didnt have lightweight interfacing as the heavy stuff was a bit too stiff.
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Love the car bags Sue! And the table runner looks interesting too - would love a better look at it. I had a clean up of my sewing room the other day and discovered some I-spy fabrics that I know I will never use - are you still collecting that kind of thing? There's not much there, but I thought you might be able to use it, let me know and I'll either save it for you or hand it on to your Mum.

  2. Don't you just 'love' those days when you are inspired, have the time but things conspire against you. Love the Car Cozy. Love it when the recipients love it too.

  3. Just use the runner Sue or it could slip back into the UFO pile never to be seen again! Looking forward to catching up soon...Kx

  4. Isnt it annoying when you run out of fabric on the binding. the little car wrap is very practical and i will be making one for my GS.


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