Three charity quilt tops

This is one of the charity quilt kits that I cut and my Mum put together.  I have pinned it and given it back to her for quilting.  These were a combination of mine and donated fabrics, largely from a friend who has sewn and quilted for decades so has a great big stash!
This is another kit that I cut from my scrap bag.  A lovely quilter in my group Pam made it up for me.  Pam loves pastel colours so I choose to give her this kit.  She did say that she wasn't thrilled with the dark purple and I tend to agree now its sewn...but too late I am not unpicking her good work!  
Its a terrible photo, but the only one I have...I think its upside down?!?.  I have sent the top off with wadding and backing to another local lady for quilting.  But before that I did sew some background fabric on the sides to make the quilt a bit wider.  This pattern is called Meet me in the Middle and I adapted it to fit the size scraps I had and desired finished size for kids charity.  My mother came to the rescue yet again and donated this lovely pastel pink print on a cream background that I used for the borders and backing.  
This top is not one I had originally cut as a kit.  But there were 10" squares already cut in a box that were left over from a quilt I made quite a few years ago.  I found them tidying up, plus my Twister ruler, so that seemed like fate!
I had purchased some new white fabric (small black pattern) for background on various scrap projects.  That made a great border for this quilt top.  
I really love this pattern and think if I can find more fat quarters that dont have directional prints I will make another one in the future.This top has not been allocated a backing yet. I have decided it doesn't need another border, but I will sew a 1/2" chubby binding on the front I think to give it a bright edge.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your cleaning up a lot of leftovers and transforming them into cute charity quilts. It's extra nice to have a few good helpers along with you.

  2. I especially like the twister quilt you made. I haven't seen it made with blocks that size. Looks great!


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