New bikes, bulbs and some sewing progress.

We brought our boys new bikes for Christmas.  I took them on a  ride New Years eve was a long ride and they sailed along, while I struggled behind to catch up!  So more exercise required in 2020, if I am going to keep up and stay healthy!  
Sadly I didn't get a photo of both blooms on my gifted hellebore, but I am delighted it flowered at all.  My maternal grandmother had potted Hellebores on her porch and I always admired them.  In the last few years I have been adding the plants I admired from both grandmothers gardens into my garden.  This was a gift from the garden of a lady who lived in the retirement village I used to manage.  A very generous gift, as the bulbs are expensive.

I have been slowly stitching along with Frolic, Bonnie Hunters mystery.  I put off sewing one clue because it required cutting quarter square triangles - but when I did using Bonnies speciality ruler I was delighted how easy it was and that I got perfect flying geese.  I have never used a method for flying geese that gave me great results, so I am very pleased.  I will be saving that clue to live with the ruler, as the detailed instructions (including ironing directions) were very helpful.  I am really glad that I decided to only make half the quantity, I have struggled to find enough matching fabric and last week thought I had run out of blue...which has never occured in this house!  Luckily I found a meter each of two different navy prints in the backings box.
I thought I had no aqua scraps but it turns out I have heaps....but I had already given  into temptation and purchased some aqua, raspberry, white and bright green (in flying geese) far only needed to use the green! I am definitely low on neutrals.  Over the last week I have kitted up about five charity quilts, but dont have neutrals for them all, so will have to go shopping...oh such hardships!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Looks like you are making good progress with the mystery. What a shame to have to go and buy some fabric...not! Thanks for helping to keep quilt shops in business!

  2. Look forward to seeing this mystery quilt revealed, and one day I will do it!


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