Green four patches and other RSC blocks

I made a resolution that in 2020 I would return to Rainbow Scrap Challenge - I really missed it last year!  Januarys colour is green.
To kick things off I have continued making four patches from 2.5" scraps in all shades of green.
Then I started making four patches of Half Squared Triangles in coordinated fabrics.  This got a bit tricky so I used similar toned fabrics to make up the numbers. I was hoping to make these the sails of sail boat blocks.  I have loads of brown scraps and thought I could use them as boat hulls.
Then I went looking for the previously made 4 patches that I had  made into Irish chain (??) blocks...not sure of name? And realised I had nearly enough to start making a charity quilt, if I could find some more white sashing fabric in my stash.  The bonus with this layout is all the single 2.5"squares that I cannot find a mate for, get to be cornerstones!  
After a marathon day sewing I thought I  was winning the war on reducing my scraps.  And then Mum decided to gift me some fabric (scraps of course) to "help" me out, LOL!  I spent another marathon day cutting it up into useable squares.  I am kitting up quilts for a charity sewing day and this will long as all of it gets used up!
I started making these mini Dresden blocks a few years ago as part of my RSC, but only made seven.  The last block was orange and it turns out I cut them too small to use.  I lost interest then, but this year decided to resurrect this as my hand sewing project.  I loved making the leaves and berries in my Warm Regards quilt last year, so have appliqued cherries in the centre of each Dresden.  This has been a fun way to use my reproduction fabric scraps.  We will see how far I get this year.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Sounds like you've jump started with the new year. Great green blocks.

  2. You are making the most of your scraps! And I love each little project. :)

  3. Some great projects there... now I want to make all of those!!

  4. Good luck with using up the scraps! It seems like a never-ending challenge. I'm sure scraps breed when you are not looking.

  5. Love all your projects using your scraps. Well done.


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