Log cabins and a bit of post Christmas sewing

I was gifted a skinny quarter pack by a good friend last year, and I don't know if its bad manners to gift it back to her, but I figured if I made her a table runner out of it first, she would like it more!
 I had to enlist help from another friend to decide on the layout of this table runner. I used a Jo Morton pattern, and did not think ahead about how much those centre squares would dominate.  I liked both settings, but Lisa said go the diagonal, which I did.
Then it was just the matter of quilting.....my least favourite job, but perfect occupation for a heatwave!
I also made two mug rugs for the same friends out of my scraps, one tradition and one modern. 

Once my Christmas visitors left I had some time to start sewing - and given that we had four days of 40c plus in a row, sewing was the only sensible thing to do!

It was not sensible to start the Bonnie Hunter mystery Frolic when they are already up to part 5, but what the hec, I did anyway!  I don't seem to get any sewing done in the mornings (between tackling Mount Washmore and watering the garden) but an afternoon of sewing enabled me to finish half of the required four patches...half LOL!  I didn't pre read the instructions and the four patches are tiny....but I did check my seam allowance as Bonnie instructed and perfected it before I started.
I am committed to this quilt now, but only a half sized version - my stash/scraps wont hold up to the full size in the set colours (and I love these colours) and I want to avoid having to buy any fabric...which is wistful thinking as I used all my aqua in last years Rainbow Scrap challenge!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The table runner is really pretty; I like the diagonal setting best too. Those little mug rugs are cute too. I haven't been brave enough to join in a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. There was one a year or so ago that I was tempted to try, but somehow I managed to not get involved. I'll just watch yours instead. ---"Love"

  2. I like both settings for the table runner. It looks terrific finished.

    Good luck with Frolic! I'm doing half-quantities, too.

  3. Would love to do a bonnie mystery, but not this year, maybe when life calms down?? Look forward to seeing yours.


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