Temecula Quilt Co sampler

Temecula Quilt Company ran a free sew along for a mini quilt sampler in June 2017. I started the sew along with blocks from scraps, in a variety of colours and a second version in pinks and reds.
By October 2017 all the red and pink blocks were completed and sewn together with sashing.  Which clearly I didn't like and changed to add cornerstones!
Then on camp in April 2019 I found the completed flimsy and started quilting it.
Quilting the sampler was easy as I just did in the ditch, but when your up close and personal all the mistakes hit you in the eye.  I just kept going.....finished is far preferable then to adding another UFO to the collection!
So finally a finish for this old UFO and  it was in time for our exhibition.  Now to hunt down the multi coloured blocks and see where they are at!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Looks mighty pretty to me! ---"Love"S

  2. Looks really good to me!
    I still haven't quilted mine. Thanks goodness I only made one version of this one. I hope you find your colored blocks soon!

  3. Lovely finish! Well done getting it done in time for the exhibition.

  4. That's such a pretty sampler...


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