Broken dishes done

It was easy to quilt in the ditch around the half square triangles but knowing what to quilt in the border was entirely a different matter!
Then once a decision had been made there was the issue of being able to see the quilting pattern I had drawn.  I tried various markers I had and none worked on this dark red :(  Might also have something to do with me needing new glasses?
So I quilted it from the back!  I had already stitched around the border, so I could easily determine the space I had available.  Because the only suitable able stencil was a little too narrow for the border, I filled it out with some echo quilting.  Then put folded squares of homespun on two corners for hanging pockets and a third (with folded side stitched down this time) on a third to form the label.  Done!  The backing was a lovely quilters homespun purchased while I was on camp.  I have never used homespun as a backing before, but definitely going to do it for all my wall hangings in the future.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Dah!! Love your solution of quilting it from the back! I've never thought if that!!

  2. Beautiful finish! Quilting the border from the back was a smart idea.

  3. Your solution is brilliant, well done.

  4. What a gorgeous piece! Such vibrant colours and lovely quilting too.


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