French General Frivol

Moda Frivols tin #5;  Atelier is the pattern and the fabrics are  Petite prints Deux - French General.
I pieced this little quilt (33 x 30") while I was on camp in March.  I then came home and quilted it very simply while I was in the mood for quilting.  It was great to get a quick finish on something that had been sitting in my sewing room (in its lovely tin) for too long.  
I love growing African Violets, they are the perfect house plant for a "fair weather gardener" like me - someone who likes minimal effort gardening.  I subscribe to having house plants to clean the air and add some living colour, but keeping them alive has been a challenge!  My success is down to the pots, Decor brand, which have a reservoir of water underneath and the plant sucks up the moisture as it does in nature, through its roots.  The bonus is that African violets don't mind a period of dry, so if I forget to top up the water it doesn't seem to stress the plant, but more importantly I cannot overwater them.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your quilt turned out very cute! I was tempted by those quilts in a tin, but never actually bought one. Now I wish I had. :)
    I love African Violets, too. But mine badly need repotting!!

  2. Your little quilt is beautiful! I like those pots too. ---"Love"

  3. Another great finish. You can't go wrong with FG fabrics.

  4. I haven't tried African violets - I had the idea that they were very picky and hard to grow. Perhaps I need to try one in one of those pots.


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