Warm Regards flimsy progress finally

Generally I find, there is a task as a quilter that you simply avoid doing, for me its cutting large pieces of fabric.  Or in this case, trimming back my 20" square central applique block for Warm Regards quilt.

I had procrastinated for three days....which meant that I had two cot quilts fully quilted and with binding machined on....even stitched the ends in!
But finally at the end of the weekend I just "did it!".  
Sew with a perfectly trimmed square I was able to sew on the three block deep sides, and then the longer sides with more applique and pieced blocks.
I am thrilled to finally get to this stage! The only thing delaying progress had been my fear of trimming that centre square!
However I was productive in the meantime nad have been making appliqued blocks for the final border.  I squeezed in piecing two borders before I had to stop and make tea.  The final step is to applique more berries over the joins in this borders.  I tried, but didn't quite match up all the triangles with all the block, so I might need to unpick a one or two to make them perfect.
Very excited to see this beautiful quilt nearly finished.
And the hunt for a backing fabric must commence....damn another excuse for shopping trip!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. What a wonderful project! I just found your blog and love your work. I've added you to my reading list.

  2. well done again, you do manage to get a lot of finishes and work as well! But there is something about an exhibition deadline isn't there?


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