Birds n borders

One morning I went out to feed our one chook ...but while she was happily pecking at scraps in the enclosed yard,  I could hear noise in the hen house.  The only way into the hen house for this hawk is through a little he was keen to catch something, a mouse or a sparrow perhaps?
Luckily all I had to do was open the door and he flew out. The hawk was not injured, but so glad I found him when I did, as he may have done himself an injury if he had been stuck in there all day.
A few days later this little magpie turned up for some attention on our back door step.  We resisted feeding him, but could see that he has a injured foot, it is all bent backwards.  I have not seen him fly, but turns out he is self sufficient and he has been hanging around happily eating grubs and worms in our back lawn.  
Except for early one morning when my husband found him down the 1 meter deep hole dug for gazebo posts.  Luckily we own a bird net and he gave little resistance to being netted, scooped out of the hole and then untangled himself to wander off again!  He is quite calm and will let you get very close, ignoring my husband as he works in the backyard.
A friend gave me this cute little bird tin for Christmas, which has been perfect for storing my Warm Regards berries, ready to applique.
The end is in sight....this photo shows me working out which block can go next to each other (in all four borders)  as well as which flippy triangles on blocks I haven't trimmed yet.  


  1. How lovely your stories are today Sue.....I personally love magpies but know some people don't.....I think they are "old souls"!!

  2. I enjoyed your bird tales. I love watching the birds around our farm and neighborhood.
    That border is adorable! Great job!!

  3. Love your bird stories, and your borders.
    A currawong managed to get itself into our orchard when it was left open on Friday, and then couldn't figure out how to get out. That was a bit exciting as our resident magpies were very upset and were chasing it up and down the orchard on the outside, while it flew up and down inside!


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