Modern plus quilt is finished

Ta da, a finish! The simple plus sign pattern I worked out with help of my expert quilting friend and quilt shop owner, Ann from Periwinkle Patchwork. Ann has lovely fresh modern prints and colours in her shop, which I love, but don't have in my stash - because I am a reproduction kinda girl!
Having said that I really enjoyed these fabrics, especially the neutrals, when making this quilt.  The only hiccup was the binding. I purchased a stripe, but it ran across the fabric and I didnt think to cut it length ways :(  Still it added a quirky element to the quilt?!!
A close up of the quilting pattern, long arm quilter Vicki Jenkin helped me choose...which I love!

The backing, a Jodie Carlton fabric, seagulls....colours are just perfect for this quilt.
Modern Plus Quilt 59 x 59"
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. It is truly a bright and beautiful quilt, and the quilting gives it more sparkle! ---"Love"

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  3. It's a glorious finish. The colors just pop!

  4. A very pretty finish. The colors really grab you. The quilting pattern looks great on it.


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