Cot quilt 3 and 4

Are you over cot quilts yet?  I have to confess that I made these in a frenzy while on holidays, and now dragging out the reveals now I am back at work!  
 I needed 4 quilts so I optimistically thought I could get them all out of the fat quarter bundle.  But by number 3 I was running low on variety and yardage, so simple framed made the best use of the fabric I had left.   And the lime green chevron saved the day again, making a fun border to finish this quilt off.
With the left over fabric I decided to make a  a quilt of love for still born babies, for the family to wrap the baby in while they grieve and keep as a memento or if they wish bury the baby in.  
This summer has been very very warm in Horsham (western Victoria) and it is hard to think of quilting in the heat. Next step is to schedule in some time at my quilt group, so I can pin these tops.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. You made very good use of the resources at hand.
    Oh, how sweet to have a little quilt for the stillborns. Makes my heart hurt a bit to think of parents grieving in such a situation. How tender to give them a quilt to wrap around their precious baby.

  2. Well done!

    You have reminded me that I still have a few quilts of love to quilt. I'd been forgetting them while working on my own stuff lately. Must dig them out and see how many more I have left.


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