Tic tac toe table runner

I have been finishing lots of UFO's to the flimsy stage lately, but did manage to get this new project started and completed within a matter of days!  Still I delayed showing you because it was a special gift for a special person.  I used the Pattern  (but altered the block size) called Tic Tac Toe by Blossom Heart quilts, and my finished table runner 15 x 37".  
I used fabric out of the stash for the backing (top was left overs from another quilt), because the pattern suited the recipient and the colours worked as well.  Even though it is a traditional floral print and the top very modern, it worked. 
I quilted the background heavily with vertical and horizontal FMQ, not adequately described as squiggles....but that's the best description I can come up with...if it has a proper term please let me know!
I prefer heavily quilted table runners, but my right shoulder and neck do not like quilting.  I took breaks, but a trip to the physio is still in order.  
I brought some grey especially for the binding, because I fell in love with the secondary pattern and wanted to compliment it.    I chose to put the grey in a different placement to the original pattern, but only really fell in love with the overall effect when it was sewn together.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. That looks great! I love the way the greys work with the red crosses. I don't know what that quilting design is called, but it is very effective. Too bad about the required physio visit, though. I hope that puts your shoulder right again.

  2. That's lovely and all that quilting is beautiful. Great finish.

  3. Very nice job. And that is pretty dense quilting. My neck and shoulder are feeling it just looking at it. :)
    Good job!

  4. It looks fabulous Sue and I love the 'squiggles' …. Hope your shoulders feel better soon....


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