Baking and binding

I finally got this little Very Snuggly quilt quilted, simple straight lines through the blocks, stitch in the ditch around everything and stipple in the border.  When the weather was cool, I sat and hand stitched the binding at night while watching TV, which was lovely and peaceful!
We don't really have a tradition of Christmas cookies in Australia like the North Americans seem to, but I still end up baking a lot at Christmas time!   
Un cooked gingerbread people and sheep!  DS1 needed a plate for a class party and I personally have a tradition of making gingerbread with the kids.  DS1 helped with rolling and cutting, but was over it by the time it came to decorating (end of year tired), so I got to have all the fun!  No photo, but they had Go Hawks (footy team) and baa written on them!
There was a different party for the kids that competed in the HPV team.  This was a few weeks ago, and the night before I agreed to make chocolate cupcakes knowing that we had left overs for a easy and quick tea.  I then went overboard and made proper butter icing and decorated the cupcakes with the reindeer theme.  I just wished I had known about the little tubes of icing you can get, because these would have looked even cuter with a dot of brown icing in the marshmallow eyes.  Still the kids could not have cared less, all 24 were eaten on the day!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The reindeer cupcakes are too cute!

  2. Well done. I would normally do lots of baking for gifts for friends, but only did a few for my children and skipped the extra work this year. Trying to make life a bit easier.

  3. Fun baking! I didn't do any baking this year and missed it. Glad you had time to do some stitching as well


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