Making Christmas reindeer

A few weeks ago a neighbours tree fell on our adjoining fence.  They are what I call farmers fences (wire) but still we wanted to clean it up....when hubby had time.  Luckily the tree missed squashing some of the new trees I had planted and hubby waters.  Thats our routine, I go overboard at the nursery and buy lovely plants, plant them (or set and forget I call it) and then hubby has to adjust the watering system, so they survive!
 I had a light bulb moment and went out with the pruning saw to "help".
I could not get the kids interested in helping, but hubby quickly got on board!
So now we have two more reindeers in our herd!  The one on the end was the original that I brought at a artists market a few years back.
He has one wonky leg that's a bit short, but a cute red nose!  I think he will stay as Rudolph, and the newcomers can be christened Blixen and Donner, if I remember the song correctly.
Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas here!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. That's brilliant! They have great personality.

  2. your reindeer are just wonderful

  3. They look great, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Those reindeers are fabulous Sue! Have a lovely Christmas and Happy 2019 x

  5. Very clever of you. I love your creations!
    I also like your system of you planting and "him" watering. I may need to implement that at my home. :)


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