Warm Regards progress

I dragged out the basket with Warm Regards and started by trimming one of the four corner appliqued blocks.  Then sewed the Italian cross blocks around it.
I did another corner section,  and then added a row onto the section of blocks that go in between.
I managed to get all the sides completed in one afternoon, which was good going as I had two lots of visitors.  I was short about seven Italian cross blocks and my mother's arrival was a big help, as she helped me with the final colour layout and choosing colours for the last blocks.  
The next step is to trim back the centre applique panel which is 20.5" square.  Unfortunately I cut the background slightly larger, but it hasn't shrunk at all, despite all the applique.  And when I drew a line as to where I had to trim back to, and another line for the seam allowance it was very evident that I was going to loose lots of appliqued leaves :(
SEW there is lots of unpicking and resewing that needs to occur next...needless to say, the centre panel is back in its basket, waiting for another day when I have the time and patience!
Dont worry I am keen to move this project along.  I have given away quilts lately to family members and my much loved aunt choose the only quilt I had finished this year.  Its new home is on the opposite side of the country (henced too far for it be safely returned for next years guild exhibition), so I need to get another finish in, so I have something to show!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Bummer about unstitching some of the applique. It's happened to me too. It's nice to have mom come to the rescue and help.

  2. Looks good, I like your cross blocks, pity about the unsewing, but it will be worth it.

  3. It is looking lovely so far! The unpicking is a pain, though.

  4. Love that applique corner block and coming together so nicely with the pieced blocks. So worth the effort!

  5. Such pretty applique blocks, and I love the cross blocks in between. Oh, that would be hard to see all that needed to be redone to accommodate seam allowances.

  6. This is coming along beautifully. Such a rich palette.

  7. Of course your aunt chose it. It is beautiful and she will think of you every time she looks at it. It is looking lovely already.


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