Modern plus quilt flimsy

I am on a mission to finish some tops and get them to the long arm quilter.  There is a quilt show next May and I have given away the only quilts I have finished since the last show.  Besides having a clean up and putting all my projects into boxes a few months ago, made it easier to find things.  Not to mention the realisation that there were multiple projects that needed minimal work to get finished!
This poor flimsy just needed some additional background fabric to make one last block.   I purchased all the fabric from my favorite retailer and friend Ann at Periwinkle Patchwork in January.   I knew that Ann has a good turn over so no chance of there being any left....but with the magic of modern technology I sent her a photo and she had a neutral that was perfect.  The rest of the transaction was done over the phone and then I just needed delivery .... and of course I was in a hurry!  
Awesome news, my brother was going to Warrnambool and was happy to pick up my purchase for me.  When I asked, he was sufficiently worried that he warned me he had very little extra room in his ute!  LOL!  I assured him I had brought two zips and a single meter of fabric - more then I needed for this quilt, but still not a box full!  Blank looks - he is a farmer - he knows what a acre looks like or an inch of rain, but no idea how much a meter of fabric is!  
Yes bro, it will fit in your lunchbox, don't stress!
Sewing one last block (15" square) took no time at all.  
My new found love of webbing the top together also makes sewing the top together quick.
Modern Plus Quilt (no pattern, inspired by many seen online) 60 x 60"
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I like your finished top. The different backgrounds give the whole thing more depth and character.
    Funny story about your brother. :)

  2. This is lovely Sue. What is webbing the top? Is it chain piecing ?

  3. It looks great. I'm glad your brother managed to find room for all that fabric!


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