Maple leaf log cabin flimsy finish...eventually

Light bulb moment realisation that I had all the blocks made for a whole quilt stashed somewhere in the house.  Found it and laid it all out....but I was one block short :( 
Drats! I am in the mood to sew a quilt top together.  Only solution is to make it narrower by one block and add a row instead.  Started webbing top together - and realised one block in the last row had came unpinned.  Stopped, pulled it all up from back of sewing machine (where it was sliding down as I sewed) laid it out on the floor.  Crawled around on the floor...found missing block...YIKES there's another block - the original missing block, PLUS an incomplete block.  Sigh. :(
Persistence is something I preach to the kids!  Ignoring the now extra blocks, I kept sewing!
Ta da!  Finished quilt top - little bit longer, not as wide, but most importantly its finished!
I will take a flimsy finish any day!  It might be a fall quilt finish in Spring, but who cares!  
I had a good rummage through the stash, but there is no suitable backings for this quilt, so putting it aside til I can go shopping. 
Pattern is called Scattered Leaves by Pam Burda, published in American Patchwork and Quilting October 2009, finished at 53 x 80".
Happy quilting Sue.
PS.  Stop Press - I just realised the pattern calls for a border.  I will contemplate that when I see what suitable fabrics the shop has to offer!  


  1. Love your finish, well maybe finished. I just saw Pam's original quilt in Houston. There was a display of many of the "cover girls" from the magazine. I've always liked that pattern as a perfect fall flannel quilt.

  2. Nice pattern, and lovely fabrics, especially for this time of year! ---"Love"

  3. I do love this pattern, and you have done it justice! Very warm and cozy looking. Nice job, Cathy!

  4. Very nice! Maybe the extra blocks can go on the back?

  5. Your quilt looks wonderful—perfect for snuggling on a chilly autumn day! Congrats on getting a UFO to the almost finished stage!


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