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These are Crimson Rosella eggs, we suspect she is a first time mother, as she is spending more time with her head outside the box, then she seems to be sitting on her eggs.  The birds that used this box last Spring didn't have much success either, but again we think they were first time parents, so either we are attracting the young birds or the nest box is too exposed and they get spooked by our presence.

These are the Crimson Rosella parents.  Their blue feathers don't show as well in this photo.  This is our front yard and the box is not far from our kitchen window, but picture is taken with camera phone, so its not great quality over distance.  

Eastern Rosella eggs and fledglings hatched - these are in the box down the back of our yard, where they seem to know what they are doing.  We are wondering if it the same pair from last Spring.  My father has given us his box, as no birds have taken a liking to it where they live.  So next Spring hubby will be running around like a mad man trying to check on their parenting habits....or if my oldest son has his way we are buying a tiny video camera so we can spy on them inside the nest box for 24 hours a day.  I think that is infringement of their privacy but given that Sir David Attenborough  does it, my argument doesn't hold much weight in our family!  


  1. How fun--such pretty birds!
    Yes, I can imagine your opinion doesn't hold much sway, when you are up against Sir Attenborough! :)

  2. that's so fun... I think a little camera is a great idea....

  3. We see lots of rosellas in and around our nest boxes, but I don't have any evidence that they are actually being used. You have eggs, and fluff balls! Well done.

  4. I love watching the birds especially when there are babies involved. I vote for the camera.


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