Small things make me happy

I have all these left over half square triangles in red and pink....I had better do something with them?
OK, that was a silly idea because I didn't have enough variety, so now I need to cut some more triangles and some squares...including some in green!
Strawberries have been a daily news topic in Australia, as some fool has been putting sewing needles into the fruit for sale.  The farmers are making losses and not harvesting perfectly good fruit, the retailers are withdrawing all stock from supermarket shelves and the media are bombarding us with reports of copycat crimes around the country.  
I love strawberries and as a farmers daughter and sister of two farmers I just want to support the producers....if I could find a punnet of strawberries to buy!
I made this as a mini (approx 10 x 12") and then decided I needed some hot pads for the kitchen, so added another layer of wadding and a bit more quilting so it would sit very flat. 
I now have way more left over triangles then before ; )
I made some backs for two kid quilt tops.  One worked just fine.
The other I miscalculated and required a dash to the shops before they closed and the panicked purchase of the last meter on the bolt...when I really only needed 8"!  
A mad desire to bake came over me and resulted in a batch of scones and home made lamingtons.  I made the cake and iced one batch of lamingtons and then remembered why I liked to freeze the cake, then ice it....because when its fresh the cake soaks up all the chocolate icing, goes soft and starts to fall apart - tastes delicious but makes a big chocolatey mess!  
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. love your strawberry hot pads... and those scones! I had to laugh at your purchase - I always get more than I need... just in case.... and more scraps are made!

  2. Love it all Sue....the scones the lamingtons and especially the strawberry pads! Here in SA the govt announced last night that they are going to do an advertising campaign to support local growers as strawberry season is about to start. Good on you for bringing us smiles x

  3. Oh, that is too bad about the strawberries! Your hot pads are a great show of support--but that is pretty funny that you now have more triangles than when you started. :)

  4. Those cute strawberry pads will be a much sweeter memory of the time than what's happening to the strawberries at the store. I can't imagine why anyone would do such a mean thing! ---"Love"

  5. Aha! So freezing the cake is the secret to making lamingtons! Thanks for that piece of info.

    Love your strawbs.

  6. I'm sorry your lovely strawberry blocks are the only ones you can enjoy for awhile. Who can understand people sometimes. I smiles when you said you now have more hst's than when you started. Funny how that happens!


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